Tape Review: Indonesian Junk’s “Darkness Calling”


Indonesian Junk

Darkness Calling

(Lost Cat Records)

After two full-length LPs, an EP, and a live album, Milwaukee’s resident purveyors of glam punk Indonesian Junk return with their most filthy and flamboyant release to date, Darkness Calling. Opener “When I Find You” is a power pop gem giddy on revenge fantasy, a joyous and upbeat rumination on how great it would feel to assault and drown someone who’d wronged you, while “I Could Die” represents something akin to the yin to said opener’s yang, a downbeat ballad with the death wish focused inward as Daniel James’ hushed vocals croon of post-breakup depression (Darkness Calling’s thematic fascination in general is that of violence and love, two opposites both stemming from different forms of passion). The standout, however, is closer “See the Light”, a psychotic strut of a song covered in dirt and grease and bar sweat and dried blood with an Exile on Main St.-era Stones-esque cadence, as James snarls about mutilation and switchblades and making someone ‘see the light’ while approving backing ‘hoo-hoo’s juxtapose the disturbing threats. Halfway through, it erupts into an unrestrained display of guitar heroics that puts the majority of modern rock guitarists to shame.

Darkness Calling is sick, morbid, and a bit unnerving. It’s also a whole lot of fun. You might want to load up on hand sanitizer before playing with Indonesian Junk, but play with them you should.


Favorite tracks: “When I Find You”, “See the Light”



Rating: Strongly Recommended


You can purchase Indonesian Junk’s Darkness Calling here or here.

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