Album Auto-nalysis: Toxic Chicken’s ‘Wormhole’

Album Auto-nalysis is a regular COUNTERZINE feature where we ask some of our favorite artists to breakdown their albums track-by-track, to provide further insight into the thoughts, feelings, and artistic processes that went into making them. For this edition, we asked experimental electronic artist Kai Nobuko aka Toxic Chicken to detail their new album ‘Wormhole’.


toxic chicken
Kai Nobuko aka Toxic Chicken


1. “Down the Wormhole”


Kai Nobuko/Toxic Chicken: For “Down the Wormhole”, I thought of a worm-chicken hybrid going into some kind of playful wonderland. I imagine the curtains to open and the listener crawling along with the creature ready to emerge in a psychological surreal landscape with friendly, yet intoxicating colours and mathematical patterns of confusion. It’s like Alice in Wonderland, but without Alice and Wonderland replaced by Wormhole Land.

Music-wise, it’s all improvisation, using found sounds from a folder called ‘homo’ which only the most favourites among favourites of sounds have found a steady home throughout the years & only come out to play when the time is right. There are playful vocals too, but they are fresher; coming out of an recycle sector in which they have been made unrecognizable, not only to function as instruments, but perhaps also as some form of a worm-like language.



2. “The Same Girl”


TC: This track or perhaps ‘song’ is an experiment. I imagine it to be the mood music for a romantic night in, perhaps an evening of candle light alone or with a loved one. Probably thinking things over and finding truth that there might be a special person in your life, but you will always come back to the same girl to chat and have fun with, as she is your best friend, your pal and sister. It’s a relationship stronger than love and down here in the Wormhole it simply feels like the space to reflect and appreciate.



3. “Beer”


TC: Indulging in toxic beverages makes you think that everything is smooth and doable as long as you keep drinking them. Realizing that you might become a slave of these substances might be a hard demon to beat, but with the right dedication and over drinking the beers while still loving the content of these bottles from the top all the way to the bottom might be simply enough to make you finally think something along the “Houston, we’ve got a problem” line. The more we get intoxicated on a daily basis, the deeper we are sliding down the wormhole…

This track seems to deal with the binge drinking habits. It lovingly praises the grip that it has, but also feels like a diary intake that describes that it might be simply a bit too much & that it’s time to face the demon that is alcoholism and kick this one sided love relation out of the system. It’s a little story of crawling back out of the Wormhole, while still drinking some slippery strong beers along the way.



4. “Just a Little Eccentric That’s All ”


TC: I guess this one is channeling the sense that I get when some people are not getting it, or being confused at my music, writing or whatever else that I’m involved with. Maybe even me just as a persona. This track hooks onto that inner part of my head and wants to expose the inner workings for anyone to see and hear; these are the sounds and signs of madness that probably a lot of nutters have to deal with on a daily basis. You will hear the mechanics of the brain, the quirky sounds of anxiousness and not being able to communicate with people on a normal basis. It’s the mantra and plea that begs for mercy and semi understanding: Don’t ask too many questions, it’s just a little eccentric that’s all.



5. “Drinking Coffee With Norwood Grimes”


TC: This is an imaginary togetherness of me and the mysterious Australian artist named Norwood Grimes. Music-wise, Norwood might not be on the track, but he is certainly channeled here in spirit. We have never met in real life, but through special powers it certainly feels as if we know each other. He functions as a muse, an inspiration by just being felt through strange spiritual waves of pure feels. We have had a similar imaginary meet up before as we drank fantasy booze to get drunk together, but now in the health zone that the top surface of Wormhole World has to offer. We sit down together for an excellent amount of freshly brewed cups of coffee.

This is all happening in my head; we sit on the ground, the grass is beautifully green and the sky is superbly blue. Both our bottoms are placed on a little picnic cloth as we complimenting each other’s delicious coffees. Slowly realizing that keeping such excellent coffee to ourselves is a real shame; we should share them with the world; knowing that this bean juice is just so powerful that it could actually bring world peace among us. An opportunity not to be missed!



6. “Swarm of Bees”


TC: At the end, the cozy picnic coffee situation gets a hasty exit as surprise, surprise! A big bunch of bees pops up and they somehow aren’t very happy. Maybe they don’t enjoy coffee, or perhaps we are just at the wrong place in the wrong time in Wormhole land. In any case, when the bees arrive it’s time for us to run away, maybe not even having time to wrap up our blanket or pick up our coffee cups! These bees are angry and want to sting us so badly! We run around the park trying to avoid being stung! It’s all action as we hastily leave the scene followed by a gigantic cloud full of furious buzz!



You can purchase Toxic Chicken’s ‘Wormhole’ here digital and CD through Wormhole World. 

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