Album Premiere/Review: Synthia Slimez’ ‘Descent to Glacial Sphere’

Synthia Slimez

Descent to Glacial Sphere

(Grimalkin Records)

Synthia Slimez is the solo project of Richmond, Virginia’s Kosmo Powers, a trans and non-binary synthwave artist (who is also one half of Aesthetic Barrier) as well as contortionist and make-up artist. Described as “the manifestation of oppression and violence faced as Trans individuals who are fucking sick of existing on a sphere full of bigoted cis shit piles lvl 1”, on Descent to Glacial Sphere, Synthia Slimez “emulate[s] their anguish through the use of glitter germination and gooey synthesis in order to safeguard and telepoot the Trans people of earth sphere back to their TRANStopian glacial orb of Uranus” with 5 tracks suitable to score a cult classic sci-fi horror film both delightfully camp and genuinely intense.

In contrast to their more ambient and psychedelic past works such as LeafCore, Wilt and Nether Humus, Descent to Glacial Sphere is a much more violent and harsh record, but also a more fun and danceable one. This is on display immediately with opener “Intro/Phlegethon”, an onslaught of groove-laden synth noise so brutal it borders on power electronics, painting with sound an image of a gleeful pre-launch murder spree of the aforementioned bigoted cis shit piles, stacking their bloody bodies into shit piles of shit piles. “Stellar Blunt//Voided Heart” is a more spacey track, perhaps representing the journey from Earth to TRANStopian Uranus, but is only less urgent in comparison to its pummeling predecessor, basking in the exit of the planet’s atmosphere while still maintaining a steady pace towards the ultimate destination.



“Uranian Teratoid” is the most ‘techno dance floor’ ready of the tracks, driven by its cyclical percussive beat scientifically concocted to induce shuffle stepping and neck slinging. The track really comes alive however when the massive wall of Carpenter-esque horror synths emerge around the minute-and-a-half mark. This one feels like the celebration of arrival, the Uranus Homecoming Party. “Gravitation and Grievance” then is exploratory and foreboding, another more atmospheric piece representing an expedition of the new homeworld, but busier than “Stellar Blunt//Voided Heart”. The expedition ends in the discovery of one final obstacle in the way of TRANStopia, the subject of “Post Earth//Final Boss”: probably some horrible giant radioactive mutated transphobe space bug with shit for blood. As with the opener, the battle is intense, but more careful and plotted: a desperate but successful final conflict for freedom and survival.


Synthia Slimez tapes pic 2 showing tape color
‘Descent to Glacial Sphere’ cassettes


You can stream Descent to Glacial Sphere in its entirety below:


Favorite tracks: “Intro/Phlegethon”, “Uranian Teratoid”


Rating: Strongly Recommended


‘Descent to Glacial Sphere’ is out now digital and cassette via Grimalkin Records and is available to order here. All proceeds from this release go to the Health Brigade in Richmond, VA. They provide quality health services, especially to those least served, in a compassionate and non-judgmental environment. Be sure to follow Synthia Slimez on all of their social media, including SoundCloud, Facebook, Instagram, and Bandcamp.

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