Video Premiere: Allas’ “Tuu Mun Mukaan”

Today, we’re lucky to premiere the music video for Finnish electro-duo Allas’ second single, “Tuu Mun Mukaan”.

The song, the title of which roughly translates to “Come Along (With Me)”, is sung in the duo’s native language a revolves around a motif of sailing out to sea, beckoning you to come along and join them. The song’s melody ebbs and flows like the hypnotic waves of the digital sea, comprised of psychedelic and eerie electronics. Percussion is largely minimalist but hits hard and fast with the late bridge, like those waves crashing down upon you. The narrative seems to be a metaphor for a suicide pact: abandoning the limitations of the earthly plane to shipwreck out at sea. There’s an underlying romanticism to it, making it both beautiful and disturbing, and the calm vocal delivery along with the melody and instrumental tone make it feel like you’re almost being programmed by some sort of synthetic higher power. It’s in no way depressive despite this theme: rather, it’s presented as enlightenment. Real Serial Experiments Lain vibes on this one.

Songwriter/producer Santeri Palkivaara describes the song’s genesis thus:

“The song came to be out of Sofia’s cheery iPhone demo, from which we started to take it into a more decadent direction, especially in terms of the narrative. The production is heavier than on the first single “Anna Mulle Se” and reminds a bit of a sculpture, since it has a lot of elements mixed in that date back to numerous different versions of the song from last year. “Tuu Mun Mukaan” also features Anssi Alhopuro’s electronic percussions that provided the song some nice details at the final stages of the production.”


tuu mun mukaan
Single artwork for “Tuu Mun Mukaan” (credit: Hanna Malinen)


The video supplements the song then in being equally tranquil and mesmerizing. Bright and blurred, it’s a kaleidoscope of hazy zoomed-in shots and spellbinding interpretive dance.

Director Henrika Kurkimäki describes the video thus:

“I started visualizing the music video synesthetically: the artists and I put together a color scheme for the tune, on top of which I built clips reflecting the song’s texture and atmosphere. Listening to the tune, my first mental images were 1980’s fantasy films, but also futurism. Therefore I strived for uniting the feel of a CRT TV with nuances of the uplifting space of psychedelic dance.”



Lyric translation:

Without a direction or a harbour

The ship sails towards the open sea

In the deep dark waters

Wouldn’t you stay by my side?


Now’s the time to leave behind

our paradise amidst destruction

Abandon everything vain, mundane

There’s nothing you need to bring along


Come along (with me)

Sometimes it’s good to end/decide things together

Even if we wouldn’t stay alive for too long

Come along


Through the waves you can see clearer

The dreams you already forgot

Come with me to the bottom of the sea vanishing

Amidst the weird fish


You won’t feel no pain no more

If you follow me until the end

Show me you’re unafraid of death

When down we sink



“Tuu Mun Mukaan” is Allas’ second single, following “Anna Mulle Se”:


Be sure to follow Allas on all of their social media, including Facebook, Instagram, and Spotify to keep up-to-date. Further reading on Allas available via Desibeli.netRumbaYle X, Media Monarchy, and Fritz Radio.

(Featured photo credit: Dan Court)

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