Album Review: omnia_son’s ‘multanimous’



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Kamchatka Krai is a peninsula in the Far Eastern region of Russia, home to over 300 volcanoes and the largest inland volcano on the Eurasian continent. It is also home to omnia_son, the only artist you’ll find on Bandcamp with the tag, “atmospheric dembow”.

Dembow is a variation of reggaeton inspired by a Shabba Ranks track of the same name. Shabba Ranks’ track made use of the “Kukunkun”/”Poco Man Jam” riddim created by Jamaican producers Steely & Clevie. This riddim soon spawned an internationally known genre and culture, its influence widespread enough to be heard in much of the reggaeton that would come after.

In omnia_son’s “dembient” visions, minimal riddims take a backseat to constantly evolving layers of choral and orchestral atmosphere. Over a bed of vinyl crackling that endures through all six songs, icy synths paint vivid mental landscapes. “3 A.M.” is led by shiny synth arpeggios that warble out bright, optimistic patterns. “Iride and Her Disorders” pounds away with a rubbery bassline and Burial-like snare-clap. Distortion roars beneath the surface of “Amnesia”, before exploding into an array of frequencies that screech like sirens.

Things take a foreboding turn from here on. The tempo slows to a crawl and the percussion drops out. Chilling, reverb-drenched organs play funereal themes. The final track is a harsh collage of metallic noise featuring Various Unknown Artists’ Orchestra. With its ghostly Caribbean beats and rich sonic textures, multanimous is a mysterious and fresh take on ambient music.


Favorite tracks: “3 A.M.”, “Amnesia”


Rating: Strongly Recommended


You can purchase omnia_son’s multanimous here.


Dharnyk is a self-proclaimed grunge enthusiast who reviews noise, ambient, vaporwave and other genres. He also makes music as Pink and Yellow.

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