Track Premiere: Mythical Motors’ “1000 Crossing Hearts”

Chattanooga, Tennessee’s prolific purveyors of pure power pop Mythical Motors have a new project on the way in the form of This Is What the Twilight Zone Was Preparing Us For. Today, we’re thrilled to share the latest single from the album, “1000 Crossing Hearts”.


Sluggo’s w/ Whiskey Angel and Yeah Right 1/18/2019 (front: Matt Addison, back: Mike Brown)
Sluggo’s w/ Whiskey Angel and Yeah Right 1/18/2019 (front: Johnny Wingo, back: Brad Smith)


“1000 Crossing Hearts” is a mostly unassuming slice of delicious pop cake, with Addison’s direct approach to songwriting placing catchiness first and helping to accentuate the small additions laid on top of it as it propels itself forward, from the icy synths that wash over the track like gusts of cool air, to the group vocals toward the end that take the song from humble to epic in fewer than two minutes. Anyone who has ever listened to Guided by Voices and Mythical Motors will inevitably notice similarities between the two bands: if you appreciate one, you’re bound to enjoy the other. In fact, This Is What the Twilight Zone Was Preparing Us For was mastered by Todd Tobias of Guided by Voices, further inviting comparison. It doesn’t make all that much sense to over-analyze great pop music though: the important part is whether it sticks and makes you feel something. “1000 Crossing Hearts” is beautiful simplicity bound to cling to your consciousness well after its brief run-time has expired, begging to be heard again.


You can stream “1000 Crossing Hearts” below:


You can also listen to lead single “Crashing Waves of Fascination”, which was premiered by Speak Into My Good Eye:


‘This Is What the Twilight Zone Was Preparing Us For’ releases September 20th on CD and cassette via Fall Break Records. Be sure to follow Mythical Motors on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Bandcamp, and SoundCloud to keep up-to-date with news leading up to the release.

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