amusingmusings on (Sandy) Alex G’s ‘House of Sugar’

amusingmusings is a brand new feature from Counterzine’s newest contributor, Secat, that riffs and digresses on recent, exciting releases in music, games, television, movies, and more. Today’s amusingmusings covers the latest album from (Sandy) Alex G, ‘House of Sugar.’ 


[alec is typing . . . ]

alec: i just think you do this every time a record you like comes out dude

secat: Do what

alec: you gush over it and tell me about how it’s the greatest thing ever and then in like a week you’re all like “oh yeah that albums fine”

secat: No dude this ones DIFFERENT i SWEAR

alec: ok whatever

alec: Are you coming to the movie w/ us tonight or what

secat: Listen

secat: House of Sugar by (Sandy) Alex G –

secat: It is a record made by someone who Knows What He Is Doing

secat: Every track contains at least 3 or 4 Shiver Moments where you get tingly and go “oooh”

alec: so is that a no for the movies then

secat: (Sandy) Alex G is a goddamn connoisseur of sexy, layered chaos

secat: The music is about to crack open like an egg onto your ear

secat: If you would just listen to “Southern Sky” you’d know what I’m talking about—

alec: what that dumbass country thing u played in the car

secat: NO!! it is a Tender Folk Banger you bitch

secat: And, God, then it goes right into “Gretel”?? What the hell. Best back-to-back of 2019, do ya feel me

alec: No I dont feel you

secat: Ok I might be hyperbolic with that one I just

secat: I just really like the two songs OK

secat: OK?

alec: yeah whatever

secat: There is NOTHING whatever about this music. It is composed entirely of GOOD THINGS

secat: Somebody smarter than me once said that (Sandy) Alex G’s work is like, Americana blues rock-y folk with an undercurrent of darkness at its core – like it embodies America, aesthetically

alec: Thats pretentious

secat: Do you even know what that word MEANS

alec: why are you so mad

secat: Im not MAD

secat: Im just PASSIONATE ABOUT (SANDY) ALEX G god dammit!

secat: There are lots of delightfully screwy little production choices—smeary vocal samples stretched out all granular-like, pitched up to accentuate the notes of a conventional instrument (“Taking”), chopped up with little clippy artifacts (“Project 2”) (—> this transitions into a Sick drum thing, holy goodness —> but then that doesn’t really go anywhere. What the hell (Sandy) Alex G)—and they all work together to weave a wonderful baroque little blanket of warm folky cocoa for the ears

alec: folky cocoa. Lol

secat: It just speaks to this really wonderful, current, exciting vision, and I just wanna crack open (Sandy) Alex G’s motherfucking brain and steal his talent !!

alec: That’s gross

secat: Ugh you’re so LAME

secat: Like have you ever even been excited about music in your life you dip

alec: Yeah I have

alec: Im just not weird about it like you

secat: God damn WHATEVERRR

secat: Just give House of Sugar by (Sandy) Alex G a listen. It is candy for the ears. It’s sugar. From the House of Sugar. It’s. It’s aptly named is what I’m trying to say. Aptly named record.

alec: what would u rate it

secat: I dunno like an 8/10 or something?? I don’t rate albums

alec: whattt

alec: No ones gonna read your shit if you don’t

secat: I know, I know

secat: Yeah an 8 I guess. It gets the uhh Secat Seal of Approval

alec: so Best New Music

secat: No nono!! Im not like frickin PITCHFORK ugh

secat: Im not a SELLOUT

secat: But yeah best new music

alec: cool

alec: so howsabout that movie then

secat: Okok I’m omw


Secat is a musician and writer based in Houston, Texas. To see more of their work, you can follow them on Twitter (@secatsecat) or check out their personal blog at

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