Video Premiere: Hazel Iris’ “Folk”

Today, we’re honored to premiere the brand new music video by folk/art pop artist Hazel Iris, appropriately titled “Folk”.

The song itself from Iris’ 2018 album Nine Sisters, as well as an eight-part conceptual vaudeville inspired project entitled The Story of Lily, which “tells the story of a single individual who ventures out into the world alone, complete with murder, lust, and adventure”. “Folk” is a traditional, short, and jaunty tune with a theatrical cabaret twist and flair aided in large part by her Kate Bush-esque vocal delivery.


The Story of Lily

While “Folk” did receive a video previously within the context of The Story of Lily visual album project, this version for the Nine Sisters recording is notably different. While the previous version was part of a stage performance by Iris, this stars the puppetry of The Wondering Hands Puppet Company and was shot on iPhone by Iris herself. In the video, skeletons of various colors dance and play music amidst a backdrop of nature, whilst still maintaining the “old world” aesthetic via grain filter.


You can watch the video for “Folk” below:


Hazel Iris’ ‘Nine Sisters’ is available to purchase here, and ‘The Story of Lily’ can be watched/heard here. Be sure to follow Iris on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep up-to-date on her work.

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