amusingmusings on Joyero, Kim Gordon, and Special Request

amusingmusings is a feature from Counterzine contributor, Secat, that riffs and digresses on recent, exciting releases in music, games, television, movies, and more. Today’s amusingmusings covers three recent albums from Joyero, Kim Gordon, and Special Request.


I feel a little bit behind on talking about what I’ve been enjoying lately, and these albums all speak for themselves quite nicely enough that a pared-down, “capsule” writeup suits them… So, today, it’s a secat TRIPLE FEATURE!, otherwise known as “sec pretends to be all pithy and Robert Christgau-esque”


Joyero – Release the Dogs

JOYERO (best known for being in WYE OAK, who secretly released one of the best records of 2018, “The Louder I Call, the Faster it Runs,” right under everyone’s noses) has sculpted a soft, bouncy, pretty break-up record out of pure loneliness; it is simultaneously the closest and farthest thing. The wall that you build around yourself in these moments is felt, palpably; you are separated from the raw emotion that clearly inspired it, but you are brought as close to the enclosure as you dare to tread; the record is snarling at you and scratching the glass, but the ferocity is tuneful and beautiful. It is heartbreak wearing a love-skin. It is also.. Wait for it.. one of the Best. Records. Of 2019!!!

Best tracks: “Steepest Stairs,” “Salt Mine”

Listen if: she still isn’t calling back 😦 aww man :((


Kim Gordon – No Home Record

KIM GORDON is all like “raaaah!!” and I’m all like “yeaahhhhh!!!”

She makes all this cool-ass NOISE and i’m just thinking You Go Babe!!

This is one of the most diverse records I’ve heard all year – it explores a huge variety of sounds and textures and moods and spirits, but remains cohesive by maintaining an intense, otherworldly energy;

This record makes me feel like a hyperintelligent alien being alighted upon our crummy little planet, studied our music, and said, “like this?” – its contemporary influences and references are rendered just the littlest bit askew, but it’s so beautiful and singular that you’re left wondering “wait, why don’t other people do it like this??” Its charm is unstudied, wiggeldy woggeldy, and immediately appealing!

Pick it up and your ears will immediately be shifted to Earth-2, the cool and interesting mirror universe where everyone uses HD DVDs instead of Blu Rays and the sun is a neat shade of chartreuse

Best tracks: “Paprika Pony,” “Cookie Butter,” “Hungry Baby”

Listen if: you’re looking for the kind of thing you can scream at, or to: it’s your choice!

No Home Record on the Matador Records website


Special Request – Offworld

Listen. Sometimes there is not much to say about a record beyond “this rocks my whole ass.”

…This is SPECIAL REQUEST’s third (!!) full-length release of the year. It is sublime technoambientelectronicawhatever.

And it rocks my whole ass. It boomps and thwoomps. Yup. There are crispy lil snap samples and female voices going “Ooooh” and “yeahhh” in my ears. Literally what more could I ask for on a Sunday afternoon .. except a glass of wine !! Haha naw stay abstinent yall

I listed tracks down below and everything but those are just shots in the dark honestly. “Offworld” is a gargantuan liquid mass of feelgood energy; I start listening to it and then 48 minutes later I emerge from the trance. It could be played at any volume in any setting and I would enjoy the very hell out of it.

Best tracks: “Shepperton Moon Landing,” “Front Screen Projection,” “Floatation (SR Offworld Mix)”

Listen if: you’re sitting on a chaise lounge and reading a self-help book about The Power of Learning When to Sometimes (But Not All the Time) Say Yes or some shit


I have to go now, but I hope some (or all) of these albums tickle your fancy. They’ll be your babysitters until next time.


Secat is a musician and writer based in Houston, Texas. To see more of their work, you can follow them on Twitter (@secatsecat) or check out their personal blog at

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