Track Premiere: James V’s “Saria’s Song”

While another famed Nintendo franchise takes center stage on its launch day today, that doesn’t mean we can’t bask in a little Zelda love as well. Today, we have the pleasure of sharing with you James V’s art rock interpretation of iconic Zelda tune “Saria’s Song”.



Also known as the ‘Lost Woods theme’, “Saria’s Song” is one of the most recognizable of Koji Kondo’s compositions for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, a whimsical woodwind earworm that has taken up residence in many a gamer’s subconscious for over 20 years. If you’re familiar with James V’s recent work (including “Lavender”, which we covered earlier this year), you may not be all that surprised to learn that his version is less flittering and more slowed down, tripped out, and dripping in sludge. This is what “Saria’s Song” might sound to Lucas on Tanetane Island (props if you get this cross-Nintendo reference). Check it out below:



You can also check out “Television” for an original James V tune:


Single artwork for “Saria’s Song” by Miles Wintner. Be sure to follow James V on SoundCloud, Bandcamp, SpotifyInstagramTwitter, and Facebook to keep up-to-date. New material is planned for release early 2020.

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