Bandcamp Roulette: Todo, DJ Windowshopping, Yakui

Recently, I’ve been having a lot of fun finding new music by simply opening up Bandcamp, scrolling down to the ‘New Releases’ tab, and checking out whatever artist names or cover art tickle my fancy. Here are three great projects I’ve found with this method to help ring in the new year:


Todo – Hacer

Hacer comes from the enigmatic, Berlin-based label Contumancia. Todo seems as though it might be an alias of one of the label’s major players, Javier Zugarramurdi Garcia (A.K.A. Zûg), but their website offers almost nothing to go off of with this release. This is for the better, however – Hacer’s 5 light, charmingly direct minimal techno tracks take on a certain pleasing quality when listened to in the absence of any information about their origins; almost as though they’ve fallen from the sky into your lap. It’s a refreshing, no-frills listen from start to finish; kind of the aural equivalent of a saltine cracker with a little margarine on it (disclaimer: I fuckin LOVE saltine crackers with a little margarine on them). Little squeaks and bops and softly triggered synth hits abound.

Listen if: you need something cute and fun to blast in the background while you read grandad’s back issues of national geographic and drink green tea

Favorite Tracks: “Oir”, “Tocar”


dj windowshopping – tytntw dreamcore ep

Back-to-back-to-back garage house and lo-fi acid bass nightcore BANGERS straight from Tallahassee. 2 shots of cotton-candy espresso to the heart; this is probably what the inside of a Sega Dreamcast sounds like. It’s cyberpunk times! Upload me, dude!! I’m hacking into the mainframe AS. WE. SPEAK!!!

On the release page, dj windowshopping sez that they’re getting ready to put out something way “bigger and badder” this year and I cannot WAIT if it is anything like this. Aural equivalent of taking a deep whiff of mustard. Try your best not to keel over. Maybe play a little bit of CROSSNIQ+ while you listen. It’s called mood-setting and it’s IMPORTANT. You wouldn’t drink a fine wine in a Mcdonald’s. Or maybe *you* would.. All I’m saying is that some things pair well with other things. OK?

Listen if: you need a quick slap in the face to stave off crushing workplace ennui during your third 15-minute bathroom break (read: sitting in the stall and staring at twitter) of the morning

Favorite Tracks: “give it up! (acidwerk mix)”, “a e n s l a n d


Yakui – Soultek

My love of Yakui’s work is already well-documented on this site (see my piece on last year’s LP, Imni, and its subsequent appearance on my EOY list) and this release (an adaptation of her fabulous live set at Collision) only strengthens that. Her signature sound has been pushed and stretched here to a far more aggressive, pulsing, relentless, thrilling plane of existence and I, for one, couldn’t be happier; the density of textural interplay at work on many of these tracks is both daunting and enthralling. Aural equivalent OF smoked salmon with cream cheese, because the shit is DELICIOUS. And DECADENT. Maybe even a little OVERWHELMING. Not for the faint of heart; might be best for your ears if you turn it down a little below normal listening volumes (…but who am I kidding? You won’t turn it down, and neither will I. It is incapable of being turned down. step AWAY from the volume control).

Listen if: no ifs. You MARCH your behind down to that bandcamp page and BUY IT, buster brown.

Favorite Tracks: “New Eyelashes”, “Newtype Track”


Well, that’s all for now. Expect more updates on Bandcamp’s newest hidden treasures soon!


Secat is a musician and writer based in Houston, Texas. To see more of their work, you can follow them on Twitter (@secatsecat) or check out their personal blog at

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