Video Premiere: The Lice’s “Serial Killer”

Today, we’re thrilled to premiere the music video for Long Beach weird punks The Lice’s “Serial Killer”.

The first single from the band’s upcoming 2020 LP Hoarder House UFO on Fork in the Outlet Records, “Serial Killer” is sure to please fans familiar with their past work, particularly last year’s JK Ultra, which saw the band inch ever so slightly towards accessibility with a cleaner, less cacophonous sound and stronger focus on pop songwriting. “Serial Killer” might not be quite as straightforward in its approach to crafting melody as songs such as “So Bourgeois” and “Nancy Spungen”, but its moody, slinking groove of a bassline is just as immediately infectious while warbling synths, a repeated piercing high tone, and spectre-like vocals ensure that you never get too comfortable with what they’re doing. “Serial Killer” accomplishes a lot in just over a minute while still keeping things tight and minimal, which at this point feels like a trademark of The Band That Refuses to Go Two Full Minutes.


the lice
The Lice (photo credit: Hali Espinoza)

The song is accompanied by a video compilation of rollerblade tricks with an aged aesthetic filter reminiscent of footage you’d see in a TV skate documentary. There’s not a ton to analyze here besides to say that it matches the song to a T, with both intersecting on the same wavelength of effortless cool.


You can watch the video for “Serial Killer” below:


The single release also includes another song from Hoarder House UFO titled “Jumping Spider”:




You can stream and purchase The Lice’s “Serial Killer” here, and you can keep up with the band’s activities and output, including the release of ‘Hoarder House UFO’ by following them on Instagram and Bandcamp.

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