Video Premiere: Red Pants’ “Humming”

We are stoked (yes, stoked) to share with you the music video for “Humming”, the latest track from COUNTERZINE favorite lo-fi rocker Red Pants, featuring guillaume AltamirA.

Following last year’s brilliant Distortion and Snow (which we were also fortunate enough to premiere), DIY enthusiast Jason Lambeth (Red Pants, as well as the owner of Painted Blonde) is back with “Humming”, a contribution to a song challenge compilation releasing tomorrow through 424 Recording. While Distortion and Snow assuredly did have its quieter, more contemplative moments, the noisy textures found throughout bestowed upon it a cold, brittle atmosphere: conversely, “Humming” is warm. What distortion there is has been greatly reigned in, in favor of a softer, cozier sound. Terrible puns are occasionally appropriate: the electric hums. Collaborator guillaume AltamirA’s influence is really felt, from the gentle strums of acoustic guitar and relaxed drumming, to most prominently the bass: rich, audible, and leading the song’s tone. We wouldn’t say AltamirA stole this one away from Red Pants, but his impact is massive. This is just a shot in the dark as we know little about the future plans of Red Pants for this track beyond its inclusion on the 424 comp, but it feels as though it’d be right at home on a companion album to Distortion and Snow: the fire to its ice.


Jason Lambeth aka Red Pants (photo credit: Camille)


Speaking of fire, it’s a motif of the video, particularly the match that lightly flickers and warps as “Humming” does the same. Beyond this, it shares the same simple, charming, homemade feel characteristic of all of Lambeth’s work, with him and AltamirA just playing under the glow of a flame and red light, showing hints of psychedelia as their forms shift from opacity to transparency and back again, echoing and overlaying.


You can listen to and watch the video for “Humming” below:


“Humming” is officially out tomorrow, January 24, on 424 Recording’s ‘Fall Song Challenge’ compilation, which will be available here. Be sure to follow Red Pants on his website, FacebookTwitterInstagramBandcamp, and SoundCloud to keep up-to-date on his work.

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