Track Premiere: Dear Forbidden’s “Smile Dropper”

Today, we’re thrilled to premiere “Smile Dropper”, the new single from Philadelphia grunge/indie rock band Dear Forbidden.


dear forbidden
Dear Forbidden


The band’s first single in over a full year since the vitriolic “Pledge”, “Smile Dropper” sees the band continue down the route of seething anger towards the sociopolitcal state of the US, but presents a more weathered perspective on the situation. Whereas “Pledge” was a breakneck attack on hypocrisy, delivered with pure energy and rage, “Smile Dropper” is more weary and downtrodden after 14 more months of exhausting insanity with no end in sight. “Smile Dropper” is certainly not defeated, however: while it moves slower and shows hints of potential resignation in the quietly frustrated early verses from Gina LC (“Keep my head down to shout / I dropped my fucking smile”) after directly referencing the white supremacist rallies that have grown increasingly common and accepted over the course of the Trump administration (“White crowds with torches shout / All around the town”), when “Smile Dropper” gets loud, it gets louder than any song from the self-proclaimed loud band to-date. Massive walls of noisy power chords and thunderous drums drastically contrast against the more dreamy preceding melody, and after going quiet-loud-back to quiet, the verses are re-contextualized: they’ve mustered up a spark and lit the fire of resistance again. Ultimately, it’s a rally against creeping feelings of hopelessness, both for others and the band themselves, a call to fight the opposition’s fire with their own, rather than succumb and let shitheads win.


You can listen to Dear Forbidden’s “Smile Dropper” below:


You can also listen to “Pledge” below:


“Smile Dropper” officially releases tomorrow, January 31, and is available to pre-order here now. Be sure to follow Dear Forbidden on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Bandcamp, Spotify, and iTunes to keep up-to-date with the band.

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