The Worms Announce Sophomore LP ‘Back to the Bog’, Share “Sex Robot”

Today, we’re privileged to announce Back to the Bog, the upcoming sophomore album from London punk trio The Worms, as well as premiere lead single “Sex Robot”.


The Worms

After four years, The Worms are set to follow up their Negative Space debut Everything In Order with Back to the Bog, an album which sees the supergroup (featuring members of Primitive Parts, Cold Pumas, and Primetime) further exercise their songwriting chops with longer (but not long), more exploratory tracks that not only manage to retain the raw kinetic energy of their previous work, but expound upon it.

The opening minute and change of lead single “Sex Robot” are more violent, untamed, and filthy than anything found on the band’s debut, featuring a choppy, blown-out guitar riff that hacks through like a rusty cleaver to the neck. The Worms’ playing is tight as ever, but the distortion spills out into the gaps, forming a rough-hewn blanket of sound upon which lewd snarls and yelps are vomited. Eventually, it slows and sprawls, joined by backing vocals that split the difference between greaser gang vocals and hymn chants demonstrating a near religious devotion to sleaze, the noise growing louder and more chaotic as the band approach climax.


You can listen to “Sex Robot” below:


Back to the Bog releases on digital and cassette through French label Hidden Bay Records, February 28. The full tracklist can be seen below:


Back to the Bog


Side A

A1. “Humblebrag”

A2. “MLTL”

A3. “Belly of the Beast”

A4. “Bad Smell”

A5. “Bored of Bastards”


Side B

B1. “Breeding Ground”

B2. “Dave Is Dead”

B3. “Frequency of Behaviour”

B4. “Anxiety Pit”

B5. “Sex Robot”


‘Back to the Bog’ cassettes


‘Back to the Bog’ is available to pre-order here now. Be sure to follow The Worms on Bandcamp and Hidden Bay Records on Facebook and Twitter to keep up-to-date with the release.

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