Video Premiere: Medium Soft’s “I’m Fine, I Lied”

Today, we’re excited to premiere the new music video from English yacht pop/soft music singer-songwriter Medium Soft, “I’m Fine, I Lied”.

Living in the slums, Medium Soft’s music is all about escapism, drifting away to a more comfortable, peaceful, almost luxurious place using the modest means of a toy nylon string guitar, some light percussion, a tape machine, and his imagination. “I’m Fine, I Lied”‘s relaxed disposition and budget bedroom jangle aesthetic might lead some to draw comparison between Medium Soft and Makeout Videotape/early Mac DeMarco, but the similarities are surface level: whereas DeMarco might use a piece of cheap equipment to wring an odd tone out of it, Medium Soft does so out of necessity and thus his messaging rings more true. “I’m Fine, I Lied” is a worn, weary tune desperate to not be so, conjuring up bright and sunny tropical chords as Medium Soft sings “My skin’s white / As a sheet / Haven’t seen / Sunlight in weeks”. The production is thin and shaky, but it’s far from a negative here, capturing perfectly the image of a man looking to, if just for a moment, daydream his way out of squalor.


medium soft
Medium Soft


The music video was created in Grand Theft Auto V, where Medium Soft used modding to play as Jesus (“the only character which looks like how [he] look[s] in real life”) and live out his ideal day: hanging out at the beach and on a yacht, playing guitar and bongos, doing yoga, and enjoying the scenery. He then drives into the city for a gig, strikes out with the ladies, gets high, and lies on the floor, grounding it with a looming sense of reality. As with the song itself, it’s a perfect representation of Medium Soft’s situation, as well as the situation of many shut-ins who might turn to video games to escape their less-than-ideal circumstances, forget their troubles and and their loneliness, and live a vacation out of their reach.


You can watch the video for Medium Soft’s “I’m Fine, I Lied” below:


You can also listen to Medium Soft’s preceding singles:


“I’m Fine, I Lied” is out now and available to purchase here. Be sure to follow Medium Soft on Twitter and Bandcamp to keep up-to-date with his music.

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