Track Premiere: Greg Mendez’s “Purity / Cherry Hell”

Today, we’re thrilled to premiere the latest track from Philadelphia lo-fi singer-songwriter Greg Mendez, “Purity / Cherry Hell”.


Greg Mendez (photo credit: Veronica Isley)


The second single from his upcoming album Cherry Hell following “Bike” (premiered by Balloon Machine), “Purity / Cherry Hell” is characterized by the same frustration and sadness, but whereas “Bike” was brief and direct mounting tension stemming from the pressure of suppressed desire, Mendez himself notes “Purity / Cherry Hell” is more cloudy, hazy, and fragmented. His vocals open shaky over creaky acoustic guitar and tape hiss as he sings When you need purity / I don’t know what you would say / “Happy to be there again” / But” before being joined by electric guitar and harmonies from Veronica Isley, his stability of his voice gaining strength from her support as they muse “Don’t know which ones are your friends / They’re here again / Talking shit while you snore / Sometimes they’re happy when you fall / Do you know who they are?”, likely relating to the uncertainty of most relationships and whether the people you believe like and support you truly do, or merely put up a front for the sake of social courtesy. Isley then would be representative of the one person Mendez doesn’t direct that paranoia towards, Mendez confident they feel the same about each other and comfortable in sharing those insecurities. As the track shifts from “Purity” to the instrumental “Cherry Hell”, the vocals drop out and the track is stripped down to just the acoustics of Mendez and Isley stumbling gently into each other: a clumsy, loving embrace.


You can listen to “Purity / Cherry Hell” below:


You can also listen to Cherry Hill lead single “Bike”:


Dates for post-release Cherry Hell tour:

cherry hell tour


Greg Mendez’s ‘Cherry Hell’ is out February 28, digital and cassette via Forged Artifacts (US) and Devil Town Tapes (UK), and is available to pre-order now. Be sure to follow Greg Mendez on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep up-to-date as the album approaches release.

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