Track Premiere: Magic Moon’s “Come to Me”

Today, we’re lucky to be able to premiere the latest single from The Hague-based psychedelic/indie rock band Magic Moon, “Come to Me”.


magic moon
Magic Moon (photo credit: Krien De Jong)

Dutch four-piece Magic Moon return with their first track since August’s “The Vagabond” in “Come to Me”, a darkly-tinged skulker that tows the line between 2000s European night club indie rock and the psychedelic sounds of California. Described by the band as a “trophy hunt… turned upside down”, the song is about pursuit reversed and reciprocated. Cool, moody punches of fuzzy guitar and stalking, galloping drums, along with blaring organ, set the sensual scene while the direct lyrics are almost cheeky in their ‘come hither’ simplicity. That said, the highlight is surely the minute-long instrumental passage that comes in halfway through, representative of the ‘turning point’: the target is near and in sight, and the aggressive chase scales back to a sneak. The predator is about to pounce, but the prey turns it around and jumps them! Assuming it’s a thinly veiled metaphor for a guy seeing a pretty lady and wanting to hook up, to find out that she had the exact same idea (and it almost definitely is), this is the part where she tears off all his clothes and makes him the prey, the wild, cacophonous climax at the end of the slow build symbolic of the… climax. The song ends on a post-coitus refrain, now re-contextualized, “turned upside down”. Very horny stuff especially sure to please fans of Humbug-era Arctic Monkeys.


You can listen to “Come to Me” below:


“Come to Me” is out tomorrow, February 7, and will be available to stream on Spotify and purchase on Bandcamp. Be sure to follow Magic Moon on Facebook and Instagram to keep up-to-date with the band.

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