Remix Album Premiere: Barbara Morgenstern’s ‘Innocence and Desolation (The Petridisch Rework)’

Today, we’re thrilled to premiere a new remix album courtesy of COUNTERZINE regular Thor Maillet aka Petridisch, a re-imagining of Barbara Morgenstern’s 2018 album Unschuld und Verwüstung: Innocence and Desolation (The Petridisch Rework).


Barbara Morgenstern

One of three Fish Prints releases queued for March 7th’s MiniDisc Day along with an expanded reissue of German electropop duo Quarks’ 1997 debut Zuhause entitled Zuhause Plus (detailed by our friends at Yeah I Know It Sucksand Kansas noise rock project Twin Towers’ 2019 EP Tennis Academy on a Hill, Innocence and Desolation (The Petridisch Rework) is an expansion of the idea begun on the remix bonus tracks attached to the original album, which saw Petridisch take considerable liberties with Morgenstern’s piano-led pop on “Angel’s Whisper” and “Live Fast, Die Young!” and morph them into hazy psychedelic reflections that place the work in entirely new context. Maillet’s hand now extends to the other nine tracks on Unschuld und Verwüstung, while remixes courtesy of Spartan Jet-Plex, Petridisch’s brother Cryostastium (also Dystopiate, whose recent demo tape we reviewed), The Kendal Mintcake, and キラヨシ return alongside a new version of “Angel’s Whisper” from Thies Mynther and a remix of closer “Poose” from TAXXESS. The release precedes an upcoming April 2nd show in Berlin featuring both Morgenstern and Petridisch. Petridisch is currently fundraising for a new laptop, to ensure the show goes smoothly, which you can donate to here.


You can stream Innocence and Desolation (The Petridisch Rework) in its entirety below:


You can also watch the visual album for Innocence and Desolation (The Petridisch Rework):


‘Innocence and Desolation (The Petridisch Rework)’ releases March 7 on minidisc and digitial via Fish Prints, alongside Quarks’ ‘Zuhause Plus’ and Twin Towers ‘Tennis Academy on a Hill’. Minidisc copies of each are limited to 20 each, with three of each bundled with a custom soy candle unique to each release. You can check the full list of MiniDisc Day releases here. You can follow Barbara Morgenstern on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as follow Petridisch on all of their social media, including FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

minidisc candles
All three of Fish Prints’ Minidisc Day releases, along with custom in-house-made, full size (8 oz) 100% soy candles with ‘interactive’ scents

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