Mythical Motors Announce New Album ‘Leviathan Messiah’, Share Lead Single “Ring the Bells Burning”

Today, we’re excited to announce Leviathan Messiah, the upcoming album from Chattanooga lo-fi rockers Mythical Motors, as well as premiere lead single “Ring the Bells Burning”.


Mythical Motors

Following last year excellent This Is What the Twilight Zone Was Preparing Us For on Fall Break Records (for which we premiered “1000 Crossing Hearts”), Leviathan Messiah sees the pop songwriting genius of Matt Addison come through just seven months later with another 14 tight, buzzing jams. The shorter tracklist compared to their last effort as well as 2018’s Elevated Levels might indicate a stronger focus on songs that burst past the two minute mark, but we’ll have to wait a little less than two months to be certain.

Lead single “Ring the Bells Burning”, if not a massive departure from the band’s past efforts, sees the band even more immediately engaging than before, with jagged, crunchy riff-led verses opening up into a breezy chorus melody that stands as one of the band’s sweetest across their 13 albums, with Addison’s soft, yearning vocals highlighted by sporadic harmonies allowing him to craft moments of beauty within beauty.


You can listen to “Ring the Bells Burning” below:


Leviathan Messiah releases on digital and cassette through Painted Blonde (whose releases from IMAGES, Pen Palindrome, and Red Pants we’ve featured prominently before), April 24. The full tracklist can be seen below:


Leviathan Messiah


Side A

A1. “Dance Along the Fault Line”

A2. “Faceless at the Altar”

A3. “Liquid Mirror Measuring Cups”

A4. “The Hidden Man”

A5. “A Shadow That Comes From Nothing”

A6. “Life Flies Buzzing”

A7. “Caught by the Flowers”

A8. “The Lifted Heart Is a High Crime (Of the Lifted Mind)”


Side B

B1. “Ring the Bells Burning”

B2. “Back Home in Shadows”

B3. “Twin Sun Trajectory”

B4. “The Hall of All Chambers”

B5. “This Gorgeous Adrenaline”

B6. “Leviathan Messiah”


‘Leviathan Messiah’ cassettes


‘Leviathan Messiah’ is available to pre-order here now. Be sure to follow Mythical Motors on FacebookTwitterInstagramBandcamp, and SoundCloud to keep up-to-date with news leading up to the release.

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