EP Premiere: Plum Anderson & The Varunas’ ‘Jetplane 76’

Today, we’re thrilled to premiere an exclusive version of the collaborative split EP between synth jazz act Plum Anderson and psychedelic soul band The Varunas: Jetplane 76.



A loosely conceptual project based around the idea of being on a jet in the ’70s, Jetplane 76 is mentioned as being particularly indebted and in homage to ’70s soul music. Kicking things off with Plum Anderson’s “Losing Touch” makes it immediately apparent the swathe of influence is broader than simply that, featuring vocals with an affectation similar to British synthpop bands of the era and synth work that recalls the spirit of older soul music, but in form exists as something closer to 2010s synthwave. The Varunas’ side, including “Finer Things” from our own Banders compilation, is a bit easier to directly relate to the soul aspect of the concept, though each track on Jetplane 76 is collaborative to an extent and as such occupies space in a bizarre rift between the work of Curtis Mayfield, Fly Cruziero, and Neon Indian’s VEGA INTL. Night School, performed with the balance between earnest love and playful teasing of a Ween album: a far more compelling blend than even the artists might give themselves credit for. Our version of the EP here also includes two exclusive remixes, as The Varunas re-imagine Plum Anderson’s “Where Did Our Love Go?” as “sunshine tropicalia”, while Plum Anderson conversely takes “She’s My Nancy” and molds it into nightcore. Both are pretty weird, and we like weird a whole lot here.


You can stream Jetplane 76 in its entirety below:


You can also check out some wild ads for the project:



‘Jetplane 76’ is out now and as of this moment is a SoundCloud only release. Be sure to follow Plum Anderson on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and The Varunas on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep up to date with their projects. Plum Anderson and The Varunas will be doing a livestream tomorrow for a release show, and have a contest to join the virtual Plum/Varunas smoking circle to whoever can smoke the most joints during one song. 

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