Grimalkin Records Issues Statement on Music Scene Inclusivity

Amidst the social unrest in the wake of the murder of George Floyd, one of the most recent and public incidents in a long history of police brutality informed enforced by the roots of systemic racism, one tiny bright spot has been the world of independent music of support. That said, for many, it took this to re-examine how they operate and what more they could be doing. Many of the steps to take should be obvious to many, but the shift from exclusivity to inclusivity takes more than a few weeks of support that dissipate as addressing inequality no longer feels “topical”. That fear is very real, that the passion we see right now will fade into nothingness. While it is expected and understood that it may not be as encompassing in the months to come (though it may be, if continually given reason to be), the fight for equality must be persistent. It is multi-layered, it is intersectional, and it must be addressed as such.

One of our favorite labels, Grimalkin Records, issued a statement today that includes helpful and incredibly reasonable suggestions on how white individuals in the DIY scene can not only be inclusive now, but implement inclusivity more thoroughly and permanently from here on out. We at COUNTERZINE suggest reading through this statement below and brainstorming ways in which you can better support those who have been underrepresented. There are steps to this, and we’re far from perfect ourselves, but steps need to be taken. Think about in what ways, however small, are you able to support you fellow human beings who have not seen support for so long.


Read Grimalkin’s statement below:


You can learn more about the Grimalkin collective via their website.

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