Video Premiere: R.E. Seraphin’s “Leave Me in the Tide”

Today, we’re excited to share “Leave Me in the Tide”, the newest music video from Californian power pop artist R.E. Seraphin’s recent EP, A Room Forever.


R.E. Seraphin

After releasing his debut solo album Tiny Shapes to critical acclaim this past March, ex-Talkies frontman R.E. Seraphin has quickly followed up that effort with A Room Forever, a set of six more songs that see Seraphin further explore the juxtaposition of punchy power pop form and dream-like atmospheres. Single “Leave Me in the Tide” is a quick blast of late 70’s-early 80’s pop perfection, immediately infectious with a tight, bass-led rhythm before the guitar cracks open the song at the chorus as bright disorienting leads pierce through the haze in a move reminiscent of Hitchcock’s Soft Boys. While watching the Louis Crisitello-directed Perpetual Doom production and its frequent use of coastal imagery, waves, and grain film, we couldn’t help but draw comparison to Underwater Moonlight and the odd yet familiar world it crafts with its deceptively complex tapestry of tone. “Leave Me in the Tide” isn’t nearly as abstract or crude in regards to lyricism or vocals however, instead seeing Seraphin use his soft-edged charm to enforce a feeling of sweet and simple nostalgia.


You can watch the video for “Leave Me in the Tide” below:


You can stream A Room Forever below:


R.E. Seraphin’s ‘A Room Forever’ is out now digitally via Paisley Shirt Records and is set for cassette release next month. All proceeds go to People’s Breakfast Oakland, who are posting bail for Oakland protestors and providing food and aid to Bay Area homeless. Be sure to follow Seraphin on Instagram to keep up with his work.

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