Their name is Bandy.

They are a band.

And they want to understand.

Featuring former members of Chicago’s MAMA (Ross Howard & Paul Parts), Bandy are a good time rock ‘n roll band first and foremost, though it’d be reductive to refer to them solely as such. Possessing a tightness to their musicianship which acts as grounding force to Howard’s wild vocals and the more eccentric ideas they employ, Bandy come across as one of the most house party ready experimental rock bands you’re likely to stumble upon, sounding like the resulting smoothie from a blend of Mission of Burma, M.O.T.O., Penetrators, Thin Lizzy, and The Mothers of Invention.

Their follow up to their About EP, The Challengers is a blistering half-hour of odes to the basement, Little Richard-esque rave-ups about weed dependency, psych-tinged tales o’ whoa, outer space romanticism, batter’s box post-punk, pitch-modulated descents into madness, love ballads, and inherited emotional baggage.

It’s one crazy roller-coaster ride, so don’t be a wimp, stop being society’s shrimp, and hop on the Bandywagon.


Bandy’s The Challengers, available on cassette through Under the Counter Tapes March 29: