The Ryne Experience


The Ryne Experience is the solo/collaborative project of Lowell, Michigan alt rocker Ryne Clarke, also notably of the Preservers. Fans of nineties indie kings Pavement and modern indie king Mac DeMarco should find plenty to enjoy in the Ryne Experience, with the project sounding somewhat like the missing link between Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain and Wowee Zowee, lightly infused with elements of country rock. Ryne himself acts as ringleader to a large host of Lowell musicians whose number is in excess of 20 and could be likened somewhat to an indie rock Frank Zappa or Captain Beefhart (though his collaborators would attest that he’s not nearly as harsh). This extends to the broad selection of instrumental representation the project implements, including accordion, glockenspiel, theremin, electric kazoo, and even a hand drill. However, make no mistake: despite the broad array of elements and influences this project incorporates, the Ryne Experience, at its core, creates accessible, dare I say, radio-friendly rock music. Yet if you listen a little closer, dig a little deeper, you’ll find a whole new Experience.


The Ryne Experience’s Hokey, available on cassette through Under the Counter Tapes February 22: