Video Premiere: Petridisch’s ‘Delphinium Event’

Tonight, we’re excited to premiere the visual album for Delphinium Event, the latest ambient EP from experimental artist and COUNTERZINE regular Petridisch.


petridisch with spots
Petridisch with their cat, Spots


The third in a series of ‘events’, following Blue Event on Infinite Sync Studios, later reissued on Petridisch’s own label Fish Prints (which Petridisch kindly broke down for us last year), and Malaise Event on Houdini Mansions, Delphinium Event similarly invokes an experience with the aquatic, though its approach is decidedly different. If Blue Event was a wonder-filled descent towards the bottom of the sea, invigorated by a sense of discovery, and Malaise Event was the terror felt once you reached the bottom and realized just what lurks in the dark depths, Delphinium Event would be described as “a pool of open water”. The textures and shifts are more subtle and more calming, more refreshing. There are still moments of unease, but the source is less external and more internal: rather than the fear of being swallowed by a mutant anglerfish monster, you feel the anxiety of stillness, of being left alone with nothing but your thoughts, growing bleaker and more twisted as it progresses.

Shot and edited by Petridisch on a Canon PowerShot A560, the visual album is a hazy, lo-fi collage of city shots, largely behind a blue filter: skylines, homes, parking lots. Highly indebted to the VHS, home video, vaporwave aesthetic, it however drops the filter for stark blacks in its latter fourth, succumbing to dread.


You can watch the visual album for Delphinium Event below:


You can also watch visual albums for Blue Event and Malaise Event in order to experience the full series:



‘Delphinium Event’ officially releases February 3 through Spectrographic Recordings, digital and MiniDisc. MiniDisc copies will be limited to 8: 5 standard copies, and 3 copies included with a custom votive candle in a deluxe bundle. The front cover artwork is a composite image of Petridisch’s partner and their cat Spots: the back cover artwork is a city skyline, in reference to the visual album.

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