The Den of Sin, Episode 2: The Phyllis Kopper Auditory Torture Regimen (Experiment 2)

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Den of Sin! I am your lovely host, TS Denizen, the denizen of the Den of Sin. Afford me the time to provide you with a brief summation of my story. I am not of the planet you call Earth. I hail from the planet Sinestra. On the planet Sinestra, I, along with many of the other Sinestrians, were not permitted to express our true selves. Our Elders believed there was a correct Way to Be that all Sinestrians were duty bound to adhere to, whether this Way to Be was the Way we Were, or not. The oppression of my soul was too great to bear! So I stole a space pod of my World and flew it to the nearest inhabited World which my Elders deemed Sinful: Earth. Here, I fell in deep love with Earth culture, and Earth music in particular. Each song was an undiscovered reflection of my own soul! And so I established this Den of Sin to share with you myself, others, and most importantly, yourselves.”

The Den of Sin is a program that mixes elements traditional music radio with scripted radio drama. We play rock music from the indie-ground within the context of a sci-fi black comedy. Throw John Peel and Ed Wood in a blender together and the resulting blood smoothie hopefully tastes something like this show.

Episodes fall under different categories. “Experiments” are the “main” series. These episodes are scripted and add to the Den of Sin multi-verse in tangible, story-related ways.

“Studies” are interview episodes. A guest comes on and one of the characters asks them questions about who they are and what they do, and the guest selects the playlist.

Regardless of your poison (or if you like to roll the dice and mix like me), I hope you find something in the Den that is to your liking.

TS names their Frankenstein bitch, accidentally orders a hit, discovers their inner music producer, and learns that slavery isn’t very gorgeous.


  1. “I’m Shot” MAMA
  2. “Astro Zombies” Misfits
  3. “Slave Girl” Lime Spiders
  4. “Boys Girls” Clorox Girls
  5. “Perks and the Thrills (Pills)” Constant Mongrel
  6. “It’s So Big It’s Fluorescent” M.O.T.O.
  7. “I Am Romance” Flesh Lights
  8. “You Know How to Love Me” Phyllis Hyman
  9. “Sex Stuff” Shawn Kosmo
  10. “Blood Drips” Teledrome
  11. “Top Slut” Timecopz
  12. “Invasion” Lamprea Explosiva
  13. “High on Pot” Bean Head and Donutboy
  14. “Sex” The Urinals
  15. “Raw Meat” Black Lips
  16. “Play It Cool” Kurt Baker
  17. “Savage Affection” Cheater Slicks
  18. “Filthy Fuck” Brainbombs
  19. “See Inside” Factums
  20. “Wounded White Dove” Timmy’s Organism
  21. “The Phyllis Kopper Auditory Torture Regimen” TS Denizen
  22. “Permission 2 Love” Volunteer Dad
  23. “Karaoke Love Song” (from “The Happiness of the Katakuris” Soundtrack)
  24. “This Is Pop?” XTC



This is an archival episode originally released May 10th, 2016. 

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