Track Premiere: Osees’ “Blood on Your Boots”

Today, we’re honored to premiere the latest single from prolific California rock band Osees, “Blood on Your Boots”.



First off, yes: Osees are the same John Dwyer-led outfit kinda first known as OCS in the early 2000’s, then ‘officially’ first Ohsees, then The Oh Sees, most famously afterwards Thee Oh Sees, (maybe still?) currently Oh Sees, and on this track, Osees. Osees seems to have been adopted by the band as a side moniker, though the through line between data points we have so far is vague when it comes to differentiating an Osees track from an Oh Sees track. ‘Osees’ debuted last year with one of the band’s more left-field efforts in The 12″ Synth, a collection of two 20-minute progressive electronic odysseys, but synths are where the similarities begin and end between that project and the punchy punker “Blood on Your Boots”.



The opener on the upcoming Girlsville benefit compilation Be Gay, Do Crime!, which seeks to raise funds for Prism Health in Portland, Oregon, “Blood on Your Boots” may just be the closet thing to a straight up punk track the group’s produced since at least 2015’s Mutilator Defeated At Last. Marching forward with deliberate, righteous fury, “Blood on Your Boots” still allows the more eccentric elements of Osees’ recent work to shine through on the looped progressive main riff and the noisy clusters of electronics skittering below the surface. Dywer’s signature crazed and just intelligible vocals cry for revolution across its minute-and-forty (“Just remove their heads / And the rest are sure to die”), setting the tone for an eclectic assortment of rage-fueled punk rock.


You can listen to Osees’ “Blood on Your Boots” below:


Be Gay, Do Crime! includes 19 tracks, including the likes of acts such as Gen Pop, UK Gold, UV-TV, Blues Lawyer, The Primitives, Special Interest, and more. You can also listen to Gen Pop’s “You Can Chew” below:


‘Be Gay, Do Crime!’ releases August 1st and is available to pre-order here now on digital and cassette. You can follow Osees on their website and on Dwyer’s label Castle Face, and you can follow Girlsville on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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