amusingmusings on Octo Octa’s ‘Resonant Body’

amusingmusings is a new feature from Counterzine contributor Secat that riffs and digresses on recent, exciting releases in music, games, television, movies, and more. Today’s amusingmusings covers the latest album from Octo Octa, ‘Resonant Body.’ 


ah, Octo Octa, you motherfucker

Just when i thought i was over house-y club thumpers, “Resonant Body” comes to grab me by the ankles and drag me back into the fold

Your songs are class-B certified rump shakers

This album is full of the kind of schpit that someone shimmies to in the hip underground nightclub of my very wildest fantasies

it just kicks my god damn ass

Takes no names

I’m left on the dancefloor, sweating


one name on my lips—

Octo Octa . . .

Ah . . .

Remember that night, that warm September night,

When you left me speechless—

And your housy wonders, they entranced me—

Oh, Octo Octa! Let’s run away together . . .

The track that really gets things underway is the second one, “Move Your Body”—what the hell? what’s going on? Am i in 199X right now

Am i about to get arrested for dancing all night beneath an overpass

there’s a classic j-house vibe to this one – it feels quite a lot like a soichi terada // shinichiro yokota deep cut UNTIL this woobly lil sawtooth line comes in, and it begins to feel like something especially beautiful and out of time –

a little sheet of gauzy perfect shimmery Beats and Rhythms distilled from the fizzy ether of Clubland, where the sun never rises.

of course we have your usual “i’m a serious producer, look at my Ambient Textures” tracks (“Deep Connections,” “My Body is Powerful”) – but, hey! these are good-ass textures! I won’t complain

there’s a certain way people like to make dance records and Octo Octa is definitely (consciously OR subconsciously) sticking to a formula—

as such, nothing as it comes up is exactly surprising. it moves like a dance record does. it tells a familiar story with some very neat and bristly paintbrushes. it repackages influences cutely and charmingly!

there’s some absolutely sick sub bass on “Deep Connections” and then this CRUNCHY lil snare comes in—nice one

“Spin Girl, Let’s Activate!” is the only track that doesn’t quite grab me—there is a great moment in the middle, though, where it breaks wide open and gets wonderful and deep, kind of like, ehm, a chicken’s egg containing the Marianas Trench, or something

“Ecstatic Beat” and “Can You See Me?” both make me smile a whole lot, mostly because of the squarepusher, IDM-ass drums going on in the background, lol

Octo Octa has a wonderful knack for sampling—every vocal break, every shout (hey! Woo! Woah! Yeah! Alright!!) is worked into the track with aplomb

However, sometimes these wonderfully placed samples combine for an overall affect that i could perfectly understand someone else not enjoying; there’s a very teehee, knowing-smirk “haha these samples are goofy and antiquated-sounding” vibe to it all that could be described as “cloying” or “obnoxious” even

As a whole the album almost feels like a DJ mix more than an album project: it flows so well that it feels almost like Octo Octa plucked all these songs out of thin air to service her vision –

like, Damn Girl You Made All These?!

part of why it works so well is because every track evolves very naturally and with great care—i am never bored but i am also not forced to speed through every stop on the musical station.

Like, the album is like a train, and, uh

wait this doesn’t make any sense

look—overall? if you want to dance, and to smile, then frankly, it would be criminal for you not to give Octo Octa’s “Resonant Body” a listen, preferably in a dark room, even more preferably wearing a couple glowstick bracelets:

move those damn feet!! i wanna see you sweat, chief!! get groovin’, hoss!!!


:)) music is awesome


Secat is a musician and writer based in Houston, Texas. To see more of their work, you can follow them on Twitter (@secatsecat) or check out their personal blog at

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